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Nissan Gloria History
Gloria HistoryThe Gloria was a fullsize car sold by Prince from 1961 and later by Nissan. It began as a luxury model of the Prince Skyline, but was merged with the Nissan Cedric in 1971. Although the name continues, the model is little differentiated from its former competitor.

Since the beginning of production this model had body types Hardtop and Sedan.

TA-MY34, GF-ENY34, TA-HY34Dec 2001
GH-MY34, GF-ENY34, GH-HY34Oct 2000
GH-MY34, GH-ENY34, GH-HY34Jun 2000
GH-HY34Nov 1999
GH-MY34, GH-ENY34, GH-HY34Jun 1999
E-Y31, KD-UY31, E-CY31, E-PY31, KD-CUY31, E-PAY31Jun 1998
E-HY33, E-Y33, E-MY33, KD-UY33, E-PY33, E-ENY33, E-HBY33Jun 1997
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